It takes advantage of what is known as the ‘analog hole’ which refers to the fact that if HD content is played over component cables, there is no way for it to enforce any copyright protection. Port Scan has started I suggest unplugging unit, taking it outside and blowing out fan-intake are using compressed air. Visit Our Help Communities. It’d make recording the Olympics waaayy easier.

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As I mentioned, the box did come from Cox, and as I saw in your guide, it probably wouldn’t work either way. HD gets saved to a really big honkin’ file on your hard drive.

If Comcast states that they don’t support it How to use a Motorola DVR. I read that the DVR will only output to one connection at a time but without buying a TV or asking for help I wont know. Content in this area has been identified as outdated or irrelevant.

If that doesn’t help, Google “Windows 7 firewire driver” for other references. Results 1 to 5 of 5.

Sat Nov 12, 1: I suppose I should stop poking now, but where’s the fun in that? The firewife just doesn’t see that hard drive.


All times are GMT Motorola DVR – firewire. I would like to purchase a large hard disk and try this for myself. So you indicate that I can move saved media to an external drive from the DVR itself.

Firewife you point me to the the forum s where I can look into these?

My Motorola HD cable box has Ethernet. What for? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Originally posted by RustdNails: Reasd — you don’t understand the problem. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat It’d make recording the Olympics waaayy mktorola. AVS Forum articles Contests. So I would connect one end to the cable box and the other to my computer, but how exactly do I transfer my recorded shows to my hard drive?

Capturing from STB with firewire. I know this thread was last commented on a couple years ago, but I thought to see if anyone can still help, as I’m in the midst of swapping my current box out as Comcast has sent me a new X1 box. Cable boxes only run at the lower FireWire speed. The internal drive is tiny, with only 19GB of total space, with only 3.

It’ll look like sh1t SD always doesbut it’ll work.

IMO that is not the point. I am looking to solve the same issue that has been talked about on this thread with an old Comcast-provided Motorola DCH box.


How to use a Motorola DVR/Configuration

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. The nice thing about FireWire is that there is only one size for the plug FireWire comes in 6-pin and 4-pin varieties. What I’m trying to do is record live programming from the DVR to my computer.

Well I got off my ass today and wired up another keystone jack, so the DCT is now cabled into my network. Also, firewird possible that your cable company has a firmware bug May 26, Posts: But I would imagine that if I installed a video capture card that the card would then ask me to select an input and then I could select the Motorola? I know that the connector for the cable box is the larger 6-pin connector it looks similar to USBwhat I don’t know is what your laptop has.