The driver generates ranges of memory that can be selected, up to the maximum that the device can accept. Selecting Left Edge Binding or Right Edge Binding changes the document preview image to show the location of the binding. When a form is matched to a source, select the form to print. Power Adapter Power Consumption Operational. In some instances, lower numbers might be necessary. In some cases, disabling Postscript Passthrough can cause unexpected results within a software program. Configure installable options on the Properties driver tabs.

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Assign a form which defines the paper size and margins to each paper source. Click OK to accept all of the changes that have been made in the Watermark Details dialog box. The font file names appear in the Font s to be Added window. Installer Customization Wizard Administrator’s Guide.

HP CM/CM Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device features | HP® Customer Support

The Properties dialog box appears. Available PostScript Memory This control specifies the amount of available postscript memory and provides a spin box for changing this value. For example, you might want several different watermarks can contain the message DRAFT, each with a different typeface or font size. If the conflict is not resolved when the driver is closed, the same dialog appears again when a print job is sent to the device.

Output Protocol This control specifies the protocol that the device uses for print jobs. All documents edgelien are printed in mopier mode can be created, controlled, managed, and finished from the computer, which eliminates the extra step of using a photocopier. Use the Effects tab to create unique paper effects such as scaling and watermarks. Use the Output Bin Options to determine where the print job should exit the device.


If the computer environment does not support bidirectional communication, the Update Now setting is unavailable, the options on this tab must be manually configured.

The default setting is 0 seconds. When more than four characters are typed, the characters past the fourth are truncated. Type a four-digit PIN number in the box provided.

After the job prints, use the device control panel to print more copies of the job.

Laptops by Dan Ackerman Sep 25, Before selecting mfo different setting, make sure that the correct paper type is loaded in the tray that is specified in the Paper Source: Any optional source trays that are installed through the Device Settings tab also appear here.

Pages per Sheet Use the Pages per Sheet option to select the number of pages to print on a single sheet of paper.

HP CM8060/CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device features

The Neutral grays drop-down menu contains the following settings:. In most cases, the software program and the driver communicate so that the number of copies set in one cm80660 such as the software program appears ,fp the other such as the driver.


Move the mouse cursor over the dimensions label to change the cursor from an arrow to a gloved hand. Driver mopier mode and collation settings Mopier mode. Use the Image Shift Settings If you select color, you can also select a color theme.

Print-mode adjustments for the second side of a duplexed page are automatic. The device holds only one custom profile at a time, so when you download and install another color table, it erases the default color table and installs the new one. When collated, pages print consecutively edgelline each copy of the document.

HP Color CM MFP with Edgeline Technology – multifunction printer (color) Overview – CNET

The ICM Intent setting specifies how color images are created to produce the image that looks best on the printed page. The dialog box shows a preview image and provides options for creating a new watermark and controlling the message angle and font attributes.

Select this option to print with Black and White as the Color options: An Incompatible Print Settings message. Send Graphics as Vector. Page orientation Orientation Finishing tab.