Posted 22 October – Happy as can be and handicap going down real soon. My first inclination was to tell you to go with the standard model, but your best bet would probably be to hit both of them on a launch monitor. In the image just above, note the longer body on the standard version, meant to increase stability on off-center hits like the FT-i, the SUMO 2 , or the D1. Edited by The Boom Bapp, 13 February – The amount you can work it either way is actually less than the regular XL from last year – not that I mind, in fact I’m grateful!

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Of course it has to be my swing even though I hit fairly straight and far with my unbranded driver previously. The less active red will be a more accurate reflection of the loft of the club.

My goodness but the XL is a fun to hit rocket launcher! The information you gain from just one time on one of those things is invaluable. I took out a stock stiff 9.

I have discovered that it your what it does VERY well. However, Hinore was wondering if anyone experienced teeing height on this club a factor? Already gave a reveiw on the Hi-Bore thread. You have a new lifelong customer. The club was hotter than the USGA limit of.


Today’s Golfer

But I have the XL Tour, which is a slightly smaller head. Ball is arrow straight, with a slight fade. The issue, apparently, was a COR thing.

I just swithed to a 9. Flied until the ft red mark!!! I would have to say a stiff shaft if you really do hit I have the Hibore XL 8. But I will try and regain that confidence. Sorry, thought you said you hit the woods high.

Every time I have hit the XL Pro it has produced a casual draw or a dead straight piercing ball flight that looks like it will never stop rolling when it comes down. I gained yards probably because of less spin on the ball and my friends were impressed and depressed.

I could never control a driver and sacrificed distance for accuracy off the tee. Hi, I Was wondering if anybody knows if this club is good for someone with a Handicap of 10 or less? The good shots that I hit were the earliest ones before the round and during the round. The speed X was nice, but didn’t give me as good of launch numbers. With the Tour Trajectory shafts my ball flight was more penetrating and got more roll than what I currently get.

Although my previous driver was a So, after a few weeks of fighting that shaft, I got my hands on a Diamana Blueboard 73x, and that is the winner! All in all its a great club. This time around, with the Blueboard installed, I was putting up numbers I didn’t think I was capable of. Hey Gene, My first inclination was to tell you to go with the standard model, but your best bet would probably be to hit both of them on a launch monitor.


What shaft works well with this head!

Cleveland HiBore XL Tour Degree Driver Stiff Flex Graphite Golf | eBay

What you think about aldila nv tor s shaft on this head? On the launch monitor, both Hibore XL and Burner gave me plenty of distance, with the burner a little more by yards, but Toyr prefered the look and feel of the Hibore XL more, which ultimately adds to my confidence with the driver when I line up on the first tee. One of the biggest problems I had when trying to figure out the right driver for me was getting shafts that were too soft in the tip, too tip active.

It just got better, and the Pro came over to ask my opinion.