Re-adjust the position of the roll as necessary to remove slack between the roll and pinch rollers. Cocut Pro on sale! When AUTO is selected, the resolution of circles and arcs will be automatically optimized. The cutter pen starts moving as soon as a cutting test is selected. A channel running along the cutting mat area. Be sure you disable the anti-virus on your computer before attempting the download, because the installer has a little piece of non-malicious code that ‘cracks’ the TRIAL version of SBE and lets you operate without reminder or registrations screens at startup Let’s hear how it works out.

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The jaggedness is caused by an excessive number of line segments for small characters.

The blade offset Raise the blade offset Setting Cutter angle is too low. A mirror image of the original data is cut.

After setting the necessary items, turn off the plotter regardless of the menu being displayed. Any suggestions are appreciated.

driving a Graphtec FC4100-75

At the joints of each line segment, the plotter stops cutting and very quickly rotates the blade tip. Fc Graptec new to the ggaphtec cutting world, and would like some wisdom and help, I’ve bought a used graaphtec and need to get it going, i’m trying to operate this machine with a sony vaio laptop with windows 7, I have downloaded the drivers and manual from their website and have contacted them and all I get is that this machine is no longer supported.


This chapter describes plotter nomenclature and how to install your plotter. Other media may be stiffer and will not flow into the basket smoothly. If the middle pinch roller is not positioned in the center range of the media AND located over the grit roller, the media will not feed evenly. May 14, 5.

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May 14, 4. May 14, 1.

Gory is the pen name I use when advertising or signing my artwork. This outline or pattern has many uses such as aligning letters on a large job or creating a chalk outline for graphics that will be hand-painted. FC 54 inches cm wide.

GRAPHTEC FC4100 series User Manual

Press the NEXT key. Jan 2, Be sure to move the pen carriage slowly. Inadequate line length particularly on thick material. Register a new account.

I know for a fact that the plotter worked just fine before it was taken out of service in favor of a newer model.


Media skews as soon Hold the Media down Check there is no slack in the grapytec between the roll and the front edge, reposition the media roll if necessary. I get my license for the software on Monday.


I recommned the professional version so you can do contour cuts. Press the NEXT key again. I don’t have the driver disc, but I doubt that would do much good since I have such a new operating system.

Disable Data Sorting setting can not be enabled. Page 2 FC 30 inches 75 cm wide. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Page 97 – Step pass – setting the step pass Page 98 – Distance adjust – adjusting the length o I have just bought a second hand graphtec Press the function key [F1] through [F4] corresponding to the number of the group whose registered tool you wish to change.

Have two people set the plotter without the Conveyor Rollers and Media installed on the Stand assembly using the index pins to align on the left and right top mounting brackets of the stand.