I’ve forgotten my password. Current cards usally have a larger BIOS that contain the 8×14 font again. Bootable CDs have a few options: What does the following error message mean in FreeDOS? But I’ll post the files tomorrow and we’ll see what can happen here. I should have said, read the thread, take some time understanding it’s contents and repeat the experiemnts suggested. Does anybody have a working dvd-rom driver for sata for DOS?

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I note you are using the Linux abbreviations hda, sda. Sounds interesting but not sure how to adapt with the dvd creation. Shawn 4 17 Dcrom currently have javascript disabled. Posted 28 October – Clicking it once will automatically mount the drive and show the contents. Email Required, but never shown.

FreeDOS – User – SATA DOS Drivers

Mpxplay could not play music. On systems with a CSM, you need to go into your firmware setup, select legacy mode SATA support, and enable the CSM if necessary the option to do this depends on your specific firmware; there might not even be an option, some systems load the CSM automatically if they find an MBR-partitioned disk.


It has to since it doesn’t support UEFI. I do need to boot sometimes before the OS kicks in.

The standard commands works correctly, but to use the command i manually copyed in the usb device, when i’m in a folder different from “C: Does anyone know what this means?

Much like ISA faded out. Then comes the disk format.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Email Required, but never shown. Top 5 things that never get done: Could it be used? Then you will be fdrom to use the command in any path.

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How is the CD drive connected rreedos the PC – which interface? New Jersey Local time: They are using it to build wind turbines and orthopedic aids for people with reduced sensibility in the upper limbs, and it has also been used succesfully – I am told – in marine biology projects. Please read this first. Rather, I get this: Sounds like you are using a sata-connected DVD drive Macbook?


And so I searched with google and so here’s my config.

So what’s the deal? Edited by Platypus, 09 February – SYS; no 32MB limit. Here there are both Config.

CD/DVD Drivers DOS

Back to FreeDos and Crom. Shawn Well phlash16 refused to work when I booted DOS with himem and emm and said that I need to run it without them, so yes they are undesirable.

This page is available in German language too This not updated for years SYS where to find last version, i donwloaded Freedos cd and scanned even archives and no match?