Note that in this case it is possible for Residual Length to exceed the Transfer Length. The Viper drive differentiates between tape formats by detecting the location of the track zero reference burst. Static electricity can damage the Viper tape drive. Since the block size for a Viper drive is always , when the other device has a block size of the number of blocks to be copied must be an even number. They are inapplicable since the Viper self-test does not utilize the medium during testing. During rereads, the Off-track Stepping function may be invoked. The LUN associated with a Viper must always have value 0, referencing the controller’s single drive.

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Note that the I. There is only one set of Current Pointers in each initiator. Advanced LSI circuitry and surface mount technology have made it possible to integrate the electronics onto this single multilayer board.

Refer to Chapter 2 – Installation.

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Non-recoverable Errors Tape errors encountered by the error-checking capabilities of the drive are classified as Recoverable Errors and Non-recoverable Errors. Belt Drive System Archife semi-elastic, flat Belt Drive transmits mechanical power from the capstan drive motor to the capstan pulley. In addition, it helps to keep the tape streaming during host computer delay times. The Safe position designates that writing to the tape is inhibited see Figure The Verify Length specifies the number of contiguous blocks to be verified.


It is the ideal solution to the backup requirements of high capacity Winchester disk drives. Part Numbers for Archive products are in Appendix A.

As Track is written, the erase head erases the full width of the tape and is disabled at the end of Track 0.

Archive Viper 2150S Manuals

Page 1 of arcuive Start over Page 1 of 1. The RM bit setting indicates removable media. Tape Start Surge up to msec. Type S exception handling: Since all but the currently communi- cating SCSI device pair that is, the current target and the initiator must wait for the bus in order to proceed with data transfers, disconnect size should be set to permit bus arbitration to occur at shorter intervals.

The three jumper pairs in column two are used to specify the 3- bit code required to select disconnect size. Saved Pointers There is one set of Saved Pointers for each command that is currently active whether or not it is currently connected. Refer to Figures 5 and 6.

When the DIAG jumper is present, the interpretation of the remaining jumper pairs differs from their interpreta- tion in operational mode. The COPY command must complete before a subsequent command will be accepted.

The CDB contained invalid values in pre-defined field s. Blocks are transferred in the same order as they would have been written to the tape.


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The Viper will return to un-reserved mode. Reserved set to zero. During rereads, the Off-track Stepping function may be invoked. In reality, logically adjacent tracks are recorded, one track at arcuive time, archife opposite directions even-numbered tracks in the forward direction and odd-numbered tracks in the reverse direction.

PIN 1 is flagged on the terminating resistors. The Track reference burst is then written in the Load zone, between the BOT holes and the start of recorded data, on Track 0.

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SCSI logical communication is described in Chapter 6. Viper will not release a third party reservation if this field does not identify the initiator currently in control of the Viper. When BOT is reached the tape motion pauses. See note on early warning EOM below.

The settings of the extended sense Valid bit and Residual Length are determined as for the early warning EOM condition. Backward Compatibility Host interface commands permit the host system to override the Model S default track tape format mode.