Usr ‘sensors’ does not exist. No success here, I’ve tried something similar a while ago. Your user name or email address: Here we go, this seems to be the fix for devices using the , been open-sourced. Came across this XDA post, granted it’s a different device but the theory is sound. No, create an account now. Jan 11, 1.

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Did some googling around came across this post: Hi all, i just want to know why the E-Compass sensor seems to be wndroid working in our devices if in the datasheet page says that is present? CT Proximity sensor Line Your user name or email address: We have the compass module and it loads, no ideal why it doesn’t work.

So some apps may appear to get good compass readings but are actually using GPS. Was on the latest nightly for a few days, overall a pretty stable rom but the battery drain was pretty bad so I’m back on Jan 21, Messages: The AKMD2 messages seem to suggest that the daemon times out on requests to the magnetic compass hardware so it looks like the IC is not responding.


The thread mentioned above seems to anrdoid some credence to it. No, create an account now.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Rotation Vector Line Not sure about ahdroid accelerator; maybe I can’t swing my phone around fast enough to trigger it.

What is wrong with the compass in this device?

My guess is that the call is successful but akmd is compiled with support androiid. Jan 11, 2. I’m no developer but it seems to me it’s successfully initialized the sensor. I have a suggestion.

What is wrong with the compass in this device? | Android Tablet Forum

But your tablet face up on a table, on a towel[on] and try doing a dozen large figure eights to see if it calibrates. Log in or Sign up. Usr ‘sensors’ does not exist.

Seems most of us have the and a very few have the ; ideally the library would be smart enough to read in current state and adapt accordingly. Sensor Kinetics – https: Linear Acceleration Line Yes, my password is: Nov 8, Messages: CT Light sensor Line As soon as you stop, though, the GPS heading is junk.


[ROM] CM 11.0 (Android 4.4) for RazrHD XT925/XT926

Any way to install rom with the bootloader being locked???? I have done some GPS related robotics programming. The only thing that stands out is that it akm88963 to ‘nobody’ because user ‘sensors’ doesn’t exist.

Jan 11, 4. Thanks for this, it finally ties a few things up for me.

Enviado desde mi E15i usando Tapatalk 2. Dec 3, Messages: Based on the other thread, two tools are used: